From the professional athlete to the weekend sports enthuasist- our highly trained instructors will tailor a programme specific to your posture and sporting needs.  

Our sessions focus on conditioning and strengthening stabilising muscles, whilst developing more mobility and flexibility in tight areas.  Using Pilates, we are able to focus on the movements and activities that are particular to your sport.  We are able to analyse these in the smallest detail, retrain any abnormalities, perfect them, and put them back together again.

For the injured athlete, Pilates is an ideal form of rehabilitation.  Utilising the Pilates equipment provides a low impact environment, where we are able to support your injury.  We can slowly help you to regain strength and mobility in both the injured area and surrounding muscles, easing individuals into full weight bearing activities, without stress or overload.

Rugby, Cricket, Golf, Tennis, Football...our instructors will help you to utilise Pilates to perform at your absolute best in your chosen sport.

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“Pilates enabled me to train...pain and injury free...”

"Sarah at Pulse Pilates enabled me to train successfully, pain and injury free for the Taupo Ironman in 2008. Without Sarah's help I wouldn't have made it to the start line let alone the finish line.
It was fantastic working with such a knowledgeable & professional person.
I would recommend Sarah & Pulse Pilates to anyone wanting to achieve their personal goals."

Bronwyn - Ironman Competitor