Pulse Pilates is a boutique, clinical Pilates studio, situated in a personal and private setting.

Pilates is an intelligent method of resistance exercise, developing functional strength and flexibility of the total body, without adding bulk. Our internationally trained practitioners will provide you with a personally tailored programme, designed to meet your goals; whilst working within any limitations you may have due to injuries or illness.

Here at Pulse Pilates, you will always be challenged, with a wide range of exciting equipment and an infinite repertoire of exercises. You can expect profound results from Pilates for enhancement of performance in everyday activates, sport and life.


Pulse Pilates specialise in Personal sessions, allowing us to closely watch, correct and encourage every client during every session.

We take pride in the fact that we provide our clients with the highest possible standard of teaching available. We only employ internationally trained instructors, and all of our instructors are constantly updating their training, to ensure that our clients receive the best possible Pilates experience.

Our clients are greatly varied, from elite sportspeople to mothers, children, corporate executives, retired people and young athletes.

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“Pilates has changed my life!”

“I started Pilates to help with stress management, chronic neck and back problems, to tone and get stronger. Pilates has changed my life! My posture has changed and I am learning to undo years of stress-induced pain and discomfort. Just as importantly, I now have the psychological confidence of knowing that I can manage some of the cause and effects of my symptoms. Sarah is an exceptionally gifted and skilled practitioner – precise in her diagnosis of postural issues as well as technique; she can adapt my workout to my body’s needs on any given day. My Pilates session is often the highlight of my day.”

Linda - Company Director & Employment Law Specialist